About Us

About Us

TrademarkIsland.com is a comprehensive online resource for businesses with trademark and related needs. TrademarkIsland.com provides a multi-functional search tool that allows visitors to research the status of marks. For example, visitors can use our search tool to discover which marks are registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, determine if accounts on popular social media sites are available, and register domain names just to name a few. Most importantly, TrademarkIsland.com also offers service packages for trademark and related services.

Our mission is simple—removing barriers for businesses seeking trademark and related services. We provide a platform for businesses to connect with licensed trademark and intellectual property attorneys and other service professionals. Our multi-functional search tool and online application submission system demystifies the trademark process and helps businesses accomplish their goals.

Founded in 2010, Trademark Island’s headquarters is located in San Jose, California, the hub of Silicon Valley. Come visit us. Our office is less than a mile from downtown. For more information about Trademark Island, please contact us directly.

Trademark Island, LLC
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Email: admin@trademarkisland.com
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