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Visitors to can utilize our search tool to conduct trademark and related searches. Our powerful search tool provides various search capabilities. For example, our search features a “Name of Mark” search, “Logo Description” search, “Social Media” search and a “Web Domain Name” search. Continue reading to learn how to better utilize our search tool.

NAME OF MARK” search

To search for trademarks using the “Name of Mark” search function, select the “Name of Mark” tab on the search tool and enter a search string (e.g. name, word, term, phrase) in the search field and click the “Search Now” box.

For example, one can utilize the search tool to search for all trademark applications and registrations filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which include the term “krispy kreme” or any derivations thereof. See below:

The results of the “krispy kreme” search retrieves 34 results including all trademark applications and registrations which have the term “KRISPY” or “KREME” with their respective marks.

To show only active, non-abandoned trademark registrations and applications simply check the “Hide dead filings” box to remove all abandoned trademark registrations and applications from the list. Once the “Hide dead filings” box is selected, the results page reloads and yields 23 active trademark registrations and applications.

 For example, for the “krispy kreme” search, selecting the “Hide dead filings” box yields trademark registrations and applications. To further customize your search, select the “Show Advanced Search” hyperlink.

To obtain more information about the individual trademark registrations and applications generated, select the image of the mark shown or the serial number hyperlink.

Selecting “Hot Krispy Kreme Now” yields additional information about the mark. See below:


A logo description search can be conducted by entering a description of a logo or the trademark’s name. For example, type “PEPSI” in the search tab to search all of Pepsi’s trademarked logos. to search for Apple Computers, for example, you may submit a description of Apple Computer’s logo as “Bite Apple” or “Half Eaten Apple.” The results may vary depending on the description of the mark submitted on the logo description field.

The logo description search yields 67 unique trademark registrations and applications of marks which have an illustration of a “bite” or “apple” therein.

Social Media

Social media is an indispensable component of a trademark’s online presence. To search the availability of your trademark on any popular social media site, simply type the search string (e.g. name, word, term, or phrase) in the search field, select “Social Networks” and click on the “SEARCH” button. The search results will indicate the availability of the trademark’s name on each popular social network website by a green check mark. However, the search results indicate the availability of the trademark’s name on each popular social network website a red “X” mark.

For example, the illustration below shows the results generated from a social media search for “Westlaw.”

The results of the search indicate that “Westlaw” is available on many of the popular social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, MySpace, Digg, Ning, Delicious, and reddit). The results further produces a list on links to each popular social media site. A green check beside the hyperlink indicates that no account exists in the social media site for the search string submitted by the user.

As shown, “Westlaw” is presently available for a user to create an account on Facebook.

Alternatively, the search results indicate that a “Westlaw” account presently exists on Twitter.

Web Domain Name

To search the availability of your mark’s name as a domain name, type the search term in the search field, select the “Domain Name” tab and click on the “Search Now” button. The search results will indicate the availability of the mark’s name for the most popular top level domains (e.g. .com, .co, .info, .mobi, .net, .org, and .us).

For example, running a search for “” yields the following results:

As shown, the results indicate that the domain names:,,,,, and are available for registration. In contrast, the results further show that has already been taken. See below:


To purchase service packages from Trademark Island, visitors are required to create an account. Customers will receive all written correspondence regarding their service package via the email address they used to create their account. Once the user creates an account, the home page refreshes with additional user shopping functionality.

How to register a Trademark

To register a trademark, click on the “TRADEMARK SERVICES” or “REGISTER NOW” tab on the home page.

After selecting the desired service package, click on the “APPLY NOW” button to start the process.

After the customer selects the “Apply Now” button, the customer is presented with an Online Service Form. Please follow the instructions, answer all questions, and submit information in all of the presented fields except those that are specifically marked optional.


All goods and services are classified in one or more classes of goods and services. Selecting the correct trademark class is critical when filing a trademark application. In a single application, one more classes may be selected depending upon the type of goods and services the mark will be used to distinguish in commerce.

Please refer to the “Learn more about classes of goods and services” page of the site to get more information about international classes of goods and services recognized at the United States Patent and Trademark Office:

Once all required information is submitted, the user is shown the total service and government fees associated with the customer’s order. The service package will remain in the user’s account under “VIEW CART” until the customer completes the order by completing the checkout process.

The user can also choose to edit the application or (e.g. add or delete classes) by selecting “EDIT” or “REMOVE” user prompts.

Once the customer has submitted all relevant information and has submitted the required fee(s), the user will receive a confirmation email. The user may also contact Trademark Island directly by calling us at 408-292-1494 or send us an email at